Experienced in business activity and negotiation with Chinese industrial or trade partners, Oliwei Consulting provides SMEs with 30 years of expertise dealing directly in Mandarin on this complex market thus offering the most appropriate answers to the many challenges facing managers and business owners.

Olivier Delécluse
CEO Oliwei Consulting

  • Automotive industry expertise thanks to 33 years working in the PSA Group focusing on international trade, sales communication and product marketing
  • Long term project management
  • Negociation experience and management of cross-cultural sales teams dedicated to increasing sales and brand communication on emerging markets (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Poland)
  • China Coordinator:  implement tailor-made solutions adapted to each project and adjust relations with business partners accordingly
  • Project follow-up: organize field prospection trips, participate in international shows, facilitate customer relations
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Business economics at Paris X Nanterre University
Economics and Finance at Paris Political Studies Institute “SciencesPo”
Chinese language and civilisation (Paris School of Oriental Languages “Langues’O” / Nanjing University / Confucius Institute)
Fluent in Mandarin, English, French and German

Financial assignments within the Bremer Landesbank in Germany and the Treasurer’s Dpt at Chevron USA (Standard Oil of California) United States


Thanks to 33 years working for PSA Automobile Group, I developped a full command of team management focused on three focused on three key issues: international operations, business communication and product marketing.

International operations at Citroën…

    • feasibility study prior to establishing the DCAC Joint-Venture, preparing and drafting technical training contracts for Chinese engineers improving their skills in French factories
    • Beijing and Shanghai auto-shows: promoting brand image and commercial visibility, set up Citroën booth and supervise Chinese sales field staff
    • network event: opening of Citroën’s first-ever dealership in Beijing
    • advertising: media plan and press relations
    • sales network in Poland: develop a 42 sales & after-sales dealers network

…international operation at PSA Group level

  • develop technical partnerships with Chinese design SME’s, establish PSA’s Tech Center in Shanghai, project coordination with the two brands designers, negociation with the Group’s and Chinese decision-makers

Business communication

  • ADN Design Center: initiate a new dynamic focused on innovation & creativity, ensure SME’s and institutions awareness of this new momentum through PR events and in-house seminars
  • Parts & Services: draft B2B files and share them with dealerships and clients, reinforce a customer-oriented  and business performance sales attitude 

Product marketing

  • organize Transformers Europe Convention to enhance the business value of our sales to 150 partners manufacturing commercial cars, present relevant technical complete guidance documents to inform them on up-coming new products and new technical engine regulations
  • optimize sales and marketing training modules

Today, based on this comprehensive experience and the knowledge of Chinese culture and local business habits, I offer clients a two-way service:

France => China
  • assistance in exporting or selling French products in China
  • setting up a local representative office or subsidiairy
  • ensuring intellectual property by applying for needed patents
China => France
  • act as a middleman for Chinese companies
  • ensure relations with all decision-makers involved in import-export trade or investment opportunity

Working method and operational strategy

With a strong result-oriented mindset and focused on meeting both clients needs and local conditions, I’m delivering smart, lean and easy-to-implement solutions.
This implies optimizing the match between the French prevailing procedures and the Chinese business environment, coordinating complementary skills, managing multicultural teams while ensuring budget and deadlines compliance.


Stratexio China Expert, an initiative of the MEDEF (France’s leading network of entrepreneurs) dedicated to boosting SME’s business abroad.

President of the International Business Commission of the ONTPE, the French Small-size businesses Organization: sharing my experience with export oriented SME’s.
Co-chairman of SciencesPo Alumni Asian Circle: helping young graduates integrate the labour market in Asia.

Oliwei ConsuIting is helping you address all questions and challenges facing you in China.

How to identify and work out business opportunities?
How to attend a professional fair?
Should I rather limit myself to exporting my products or consider establishing in China?
Under what form? Open a representative office? Set up a Joint-Venture or a WOFE fully-owned branch?
What distribution network and where? Nation-wide or focus on selected regional markets?
How hire and manage a local Chinese team?
What product development policy should I best implement?
How to avoid counterfeiting and protect my innovations?

A global approach and monitoring

Every project is unique. Oliwei Consulting offers a global approach and a 360° monitoring process.

1. Outlook

Review long-term goals and identify local constraints: production capacities, quality control, logistics, finance, human resources, intellectual property

2. Analysis

Identify assets versus customers expectations, suggest appropriate solutions

3. Action

Secure long-term sales, develop business, increase turnover

A flexible and customized approach

The approach of Oliwei Consulting consists in listing with you all possible issues:

Analyze the potential market and get the right picture of your competitors

Identify hidden risks
Determine the most effective means to reach your goals
Estimate budget and time delays to reach expected sales goals
Set up and implement
adequate processes and control procedures
Determine key steps, timelines and milestones to measure project progress and financial return

Field operations: an interactive and step by step approach

In continuous consultation with you, Oliwei Consulting ensures following activities on your behalf:

initiate first exchanges and meetings
organize logistics of on-site missions
all scopes assistance and advice for negotiating with Chinese partners
reception in China or France of decision makers and KOLs
full-fledged dedicated and responsive coordination of your commercial events
arrange interventions at business forums, conventions and professional events
market exploration to identify opportunities

Professional conduct and confidentiality

Oliwei Consulting is commited to respecting the highest standards of confidentiality and professional integrity and not disclosing any strategic information or data it may obtain knowledge of while fulfilling its mission.

Oliwei Consulting helps ensure your intellectual property rights are being enforced and brings utmost caution in preventing any possible conflict of interest between its different clients.

Customize your project…
and make a deal with your client

Think your commercial proposal is the best? Prove it and convince your client! Facts and rationality are not enough to meet your client’s needs. Emotion and experience will make the difference.

Listen… to interact

Build confidence to make the difference and maintain a lasting relationship with your client.
Meet a prospect
Make a friend
Win over a client

Listen… to understand

The language and cross-cultural expertise of Oliwei Consulting gives you the keys to hear the customer's voice and pinpoint non-verbal issues.
What your Chinese prospect thinks
What your Chinese prospect tells you
What you hear
What your Chinese prospect will not tell you

Listen… to satisfy

The language and cross-cultural expertise of Oliwei Consulting gives you the keys to fully understand your client.​
His true needs
What he's really expecting
Your matching proposal that will satisfy him

Provide customer value

Business practice and operational experience of Oliwei Consulting enables you identify warning signs for:
Anticipating and taking the right decisions
Rolling out the best customer experience
Convince your client that your proposal is the best available

Today is fine... tomorrow is better

With over 30 years of sales animation and project management in China, Oliwei Consulting has the right experience in helping you to :
Increase your turnover
Build up your relationships
Shape the future
Your first contract is the ideal opportunity for developping your business.

Every project is unique

Ask the right questions to provide effective solutions

Which goals?

Which means?


More effective together

Going straight to the point and asking the right questions to implement the best solutions requires the highest expertise in each core business. Oliwei Consulting is partnered to a network of experts up to the latest developments in their respective fields.

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